PMS Packages

PMS Packages

Who We Are:

PMS PACKAGES is an independently owned, all-in-one packaging platform for businesses.
We empower thousands of customers to grow their business and brand with custom packaging products using our design technology, customer success support and design team.
We empower thousands of customers to grow their business and brand with custom packaging products using our design technology, customer success support and design team.


We want to empower all businesses to use cost-effective packaging to confidently grow and successfully market their brand.


To be the first choice for online, custom printed packaging by investing in cutting-edge technology and dedicated employees

Packaging Services

Operations should be lean and hassle-free. PMS Packages offers a set of packaging services that enable customers to focus on their core products and processes to grow their business. Packing, kitting, warehousing, just-in-time delivery are examples of services that we custom build to meet specific requirements of our customers.

Our Main Focus

Reducing Cost

With our packing services, you can focus on your core operations and free up valuable warehouse space.


We take care of the packing and handling process entirely, allowing you to allocate labor elsewhere.


We know every company faces different challenges and that there is no one size fits all solution, so our services can be custom-tailored according to your specific needs.

Our engineers work closely with customers to develop a suitable packaging solution for their specific product. With our in-house testing capabilities, we are also able to test and validate the design to ensure that the packaging protects the content for the entire journey.

Our Packaging Solutions

We offer packaging products in several types of materials to ensure that we offer the right solution for each customer. The most common packaging materials are corrugated, plywood, wood, and plastic. Solutions can be made of one material or a combination of different materials, to find the best solution. All our packaging products are export compliant and can be shipped all over the world.


Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cartons are made up of a few layers of material rather than just a single sheet like cardboard. The three layers of corrugated include an inside liner, an outside liner, and a medium that goes between the two, which is fluted. Corrugated is a resilient material that is also lightweight — an important consideration for those shipping a significant number of packages.

Benefits for choosing PMS

  • Corrugated Cases
  • Die Cut Boxes/ Packaging
  • 5 Panel Wraps/ Wraparound
  • Custom transit Packaging
  • Crash Lock Boxes
  • FEFCO Style Boxes
  • Cardboard Trays
  • BDCM Boxes
  • Single Wall Boxes
  • Double Wall Boxes
  • Triple Wall Boxes
  • Pallet Optimized Boxes
  • Hybrid/Composite Pack


Fiber based material is available all over the world and the material can be customized to engineer mono-material solutions that can be recycled as easy as a sheet of paper, or to be used in combination with other material to create a packaging solution.

Our plywood-based packaging solutions are often combined with a steel profile, which creates a very rigid and strong solution that offers an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio.


  • On-site Packaging
  • In-house Packaging
  • Flat Racking & Containerization

Benefits of Corrugated Packaging


The ability to customize your corrugated packaging is what makes it extremely versatile and valuable for retailers. From designing a custom retail packaging solution for your product to designing a corrugated box that fits your product perfectly for shipment, corrugated allows you to satisfy your packaging needs.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Want to satisfy your customers? Provide them with a pleasant unboxing experience. Creating a pleasant unboxing experience is particularly important for eCommerce companies because they don’t have the “shelf presence” that retailers do, and they must leave a lasting impression on a customer somehow. Your product packaging can help you do that. Want to learn more about the unboxing experience? Read our blog


Sustainable packaging can make an impact on the planet and on your eCommerce business. As an eCommerce business, one of the most important factors in your business’s growth and success is your ability to establish a strong relationship with your customers. And in recent years, customers are beginning to value environmentally friendly packaging and products. And what better way to satisfy those values than with sustainable packaging like corrugated? May we remind you that the industry recovery rate for corrugated is hovering around 90% over the last eight years and 96 percent in 2018 per

Cost Efficiency

Corrugated provides all these benefits and it’s also a cost-effective packaging option? How is that even possible? Because of the sustainability of corrugated packaging and the rate at which it’s recycled, it’s extremely cost-effective to produce and continue to reuse. Not only is it cost-effective, but it can also help you increase your sales.