PMS Industries Multan

PMS Industries Multan specializes in manufacturing pesticide sampling and solely concentrates on the products related to pesticides besides serving other markets.
Over the years, the goal of the formulation and packaging efforts at pesticides companies has been to provide a product that maximizes the ability of the active ingredient to control a target pest in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. The function of pesticide formulation and packaging today is changing rapidly in response to a wide range of factors now impacting the agricultural chemical industry. In addition to improving product performance, our research chemists and engineers at PMS Industries Multan are developing a new generation of delivery systems that address several issues central to the business of pesticides, namely, minimizing user exposure, protecting the environment, and dealing with the problems of container disposal.

Our Products

  • Pesticide Bottle 250ml, 500ml and 1L
  • White GA Container, Use For Storage: Powder Packaging
  • Pesticide Bottles in 50ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1L in different colors with round neck
  • Star type HDPE Pesticide bottle
  • TPCPL Round Powder Bottle
  • Pesticide Containers 5L
  • Pesticide Drums 20L, 50L and 200L
  • Pesticide Spray Bottles in 500 ml and 1L

Why you should choose to work with us.

Specialized Plans

Save Hard Earned Money

Experienced Technicians

Time and Flexibility

A Safe Home and No More Pest related mess

Our Core Values

Our Vision 2030


Our Purpose

We exist to improve the lives of people, businesses and communities through innovation in areas we operate, contributing to national growth.

Our Principles

Blow Molding at PMS Multan

Our diverse facilities allow us to blow mold bottles ranging from any apecification to just a few ounces with a variety of finishes. Our equipment allows us to manufacture plastic blow molded products ranging from medical and consumer goods, to containers, automotive and industrial applications. Our company offers numerous types of resins, ranging from commodity resin such as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Polypropylene (PP), and engineering resin such as K-Resin, PETG, and Polycarbonate, to name a few.


Injection Molding t PMS Multan

Our professional teams of designers and engineers work together to build mold tools that are capable of producing high-quality plastic parts. With years of development, we accumulated rich experiences in complex injection molds with complicated structures and large sizes. To separate from other molding companies, we provide site maintenance and online support.


Our services:

  1. Design and manufacturing, maintenance for injection mold of production and prototype.
  2. Design and manufacturing, maintenance for die-casting of mass production and prototype.
  3. Assembly and custom packing services.
  4. Export services including freight and Custom clearance, door to door transport.