PMS Fumigation Services


PMS fumigation services are experts in shipping container fumigation services. Our technicians are fully trained in fumigation and hold the relevant certifications module for shipping containers. We are able to carry out our expert shipping container fumigation services across Pakistan.


Thousands of shipping containers are shipped daily from all over the globe to port-towns and cities in the Pakistan, and, as some cargoes are a breeding ground for pests and insects, meaning shipping container fumigation services are vital to importers and exporters.

Agricultural and food products, leather goods, wood products such as furniture, raw materials and other goods are some of the cargoes imported into Pakistan that are a hotbed for insects and rodents.


  • Fumigation of shipping containers
  • Venting of shipping containers
  • Gas checking of shipping containers for phosphine
  • Issue of a ‘Clearance Certificate’
  • Methyl Bromide

Food, fruits and other bulk commodities

Bulk commodities are always carried around in large containers and with the sheer size of those containers, it is easy to understand the devastating threat to the economy of such trade. Insects, pests and any other variant might cause huge economical loss to companies that are either importing or exporting grain, rice and other bulk commodities.

Vessels (Cargo) Fumigation

The fumigation and pest control operations staff of Fumigation Services are highly trained in carrying out ship fumigation with Methyl Bromide and Aluminum Phosphine. Fumigation Services fumigates huge volumes in export cargo carrying wheat, maize, rice, and other agricultural commodities by conducting Hot gas procedures.